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Auto insurance add ons you may need

Even with a full coverage auto insurance policy, there are additional add-ons that you can purchase to make it the perfect fit for you. Talking with your independent insurance agent in Wheat Ridge, CO, you can count on CO Insurance Specialist to provide the necessary answers and products. 

A full auto coverage policy will include liability coverage, collision, and comprehensive coverage. These will protect your vehicle from accidents and other things that can damage it. But there are a few add-ons that you can supplement your policy with. 

Gap coverage

Buying a new car loses much of its value as soon as you leave the dealer. If you have put down a small down payment and have a large car loan, having gap coverage can keep you from owing money to your lender beyond what the insurance company pays you. 

Roadside assistance

When your car doesn’t start or gets a flat tire, it is nice to be able to call and have someone come and do the repair for you. The cost of this coverage is quite a lot less expensive than auto-club coverage. 

Rental car coverage

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident or another non-collision event, it may be in the repair shop for a while. While it is there, having a rental car is a big plus. To get a rental car, you need to have rental car coverage. 

Full glass coverage

If you have comprehensive insurance, you will have some glass coverage, but you will have to pay your deductible. If you have full glass coverage, you won’t have to pay a deductible, and you will be able to get your windshield easily repaired or replaced. 

Contact the CO Insurance Specialist of Wheat Ridge, CO when you are ready to update your auto insurance. 

Why Should You Have Classic Car Insurance Versus Regular Auto Insurance For a Rebuilt Classic Vehicle?

If you own a classic car that you have restored or invested money in, you may not realize that regular auto insurance may not fully cover the value of your restored or rebuilt car. This is why you may need classic car insurance. Unfortunately, the staff at CO Insurance Specialist, serving the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area, have seen that many people have never heard of classic car insurance or make the mistake of insuring their classic car with regular auto insurance. Here are a few reasons why you should have classic car insurance versus standard auto insurance for a rebuilt classic vehicle.  

Classic Car Insurance Covers Your Car Based on an Agreed Upon Value

Traditional auto insurance values vehicles based on their Bluebook value. They do not consider that some older vehicles may be worth more if they are restored or rebuilt. When you purchase a classic car insurance policy, you and the insurance company agree on the value of your classic car, ensuring your vehicle is insured for its true value. 

Classic Car Insurance Covers Add-On or Aftermarket Parts

Another reason why classic car insurance is essential to have is that classic car insurance helps to cover add-on parts or aftermarket parts. These parts can be pricey, but they are not usually covered under regular auto insurance policies. Classic car insurance covers these expensive parts you have purchased for your car.  

If you have a rebuilt or restored classic vehicle, traditional auto insurance may not value the car as high as you do. This is why classic car insurance is so important. If you have a classic vehicle in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area, the team at CO Insurance Specialist can help you obtain classic car insurance. Reach out to us today to get started. 

Are There Any Discounts Available For Auto Insurance?

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance, you may be surprised to learn that the cheapest plans don’t come with reasonable premiums. 

Some common ways include lowering your car’s risk by staying safe on the roads and keeping your vehicle in good condition. Confer with CO Insurance Specialists for advice in Wheat Ridge, CO. 

More About Auto Insurance Discounts 

Contact your agent or check online to find out about the different discounts that may apply to you. Contact your insurance provider and compare the other products to find your fittest plan. To receive the best possible rate on auto insurance, it is essential to know what type of coverage you want, how much you are currently paying, and your current situation. 

To receive the best possible rate on auto insurance, it is essential to know what type of coverage you want, how much you are currently paying, and your current situation. Some may require you to meet specific criteria, like being a certain age or having a clean driving record. 

Some companies offer discounts for driving a certain amount of miles driven each year or even lowering your premium if your car is worth more than the value of your vehicle. Additionally, you can shop around to find the best rate based on your driving history and other factors that affect your rate. Below are some ways to obtain auto insurance discounts. 

Use your car for work purposes: If you use your vehicle for business purposes, you may be eligible for a discount. This also applies if you need to make deliveries and run errands on behalf of your company. 

  • Ensure your car is well-maintained: Maintaining it in good condition is an effective way to lower its risk and save on insurance premiums. 
  • Drive safely: If you’re involved in an accident, the insurance company will consider it more likely that you will have another one in the future, which means higher premiums. So, avoid accidents by driving safely and responsibly if you want to save on auto insurance. 
  • Don’t speed: Speeding is among the common causes of accidents. Always consider driving safely.
  • Increase your deductibles: If you increase your deductible, you’ll have to pay more out of pocket for minor repairs and less for bigger ones. You can reduce your premiums without sacrificing the quality of your car’s protection. 

For expert help in Wheat Ridge, CO, check with CO Insurance Specialists.

Classic Car Insurance FAQs

Do you own a classic car like a 1964 Ford Mustang? Then it would be best if you had classic insurance. Are you confused about classic insurance? Well, you are not alone. Most people don’t differentiate between classic insurance and standard car insurance. So, if you own a classic car, you must understand that this insurance protects your classic in case of an unfortunate accident. CO Insurance Specialists have prepared some of the frequently asked questions about classic insurance to shed some light.

Is my car eligible for classic insurance?

For your car to qualify for classic insurance, it must be twenty-five years and above. So, your daily drive may not be eligible.

What is the agreed value?

Unlike other standard cars, classic cars appreciate. So, in this case, the actual value can’t work. In this case, you and your insurer agree on the value of the car when stolen or damaged.

Is classic car insurance expensive?

Surprisingly, classic car insurance is cheaper than standard auto insurance. The premium is affordable because you don’t drive it daily, making the risk minimal.

Is classic car insurance a requirement?

Yes, in Colorado and most states, you must show proof of insurance while on the road with your classic car. Remember, your classic vehicle poses the same risks as other standard motor vehicles.

What are the classic insurance coverage options?

The classic insurance coverages are similar to those of typical car insurance. Some of the coverages include:

  • Lability coverage
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Medical payments

Classic car insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO 

Since classic cars are extraordinary and unique, they require a special insurance policy. But if you are still unsure about classic car insurance cover, talk to us at CO Insurance Specialists for more insights. Ready to protect your pride? Call us today if you live in Wheat Ridge, CO, and preserve your classic vehicle.

Why basic auto insurance may not be the right choice

Basic insurance is the minimum amount of coverage you can have legally to drive a vehicle in a given state. In Colorado, that is 25/50/15. Other states have other amounts. While this may be the perfect coverage for some people, it isn’t suitable for everyone. For those who live in or near Wheat Ridge, CO, CO Insurance Specialists has an experienced team who is happy to provide the information you may need to determine if basic coverage is right for you. 

With basic insurance, other drivers are protected from you. If you are the responsible driver in an accident, you will pay for medical bills and damage to the other vehicle. But it doesn’t do anything for your car. You will be left to pay for any repairs yourself. 

If you have an auto loan or are leasing a vehicle, you will need to have insurance to protect your vehicle, which the loan company or the lessor has an interest in. 

But what about your vehicle if you don’t have a loan or lease? Do you count on your vehicle for your activities of daily life? Most people do. If you had an accident or were the victim of a hit and run, would you be able to pay for the repair? If your vehicle was stolen, would you have the money to replace it? 

Collision coverage provides the money you need to repair or replace your vehicle if damaged in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers you for vehicle theft and other things other than an accident that can damage or destroy your vehicle. It includes glass coverage as well. Most coverage will require that a deductible be paid. 

Contact CO Insurance Specialists in Wheat Ridge, CO when you need to make some auto insurance decisions. 

Does everyone need auto insurance in Colorado?

Anyone that lives in the Wheat Ridge, CO area will want to know that they have an efficient way to get around. Owning a vehicle can ensure you can get around and enjoy all that the community offers. If you purchase or lease a vehicle, getting auto insurance will be a necessity. There are various reasons why this coverage should be considered necessary. 

Mandated as Legal Requirement

Anyone in this part of Colorado will need auto insurance because it is mandated as a legal requirement. If you are going to drive any vehicle in this state, you need to meet the set insurance standards. This will typically require that you at least have liability coverage. If you have leased the vehicle or taken out a loan, the financing company will also require collision and comprehensive protection. 

Protect Investment

You also should get an auto insurance plan to ensure you are protecting your investment. If you choose to buy a car, you will want to use it for a long time. A great way to protect this is by getting an auto insurance policy that has full coverage. In this situation, you will have support if your car is damaged or stolen. 

If you buy a car when you are in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, you will want to know that you are adequately insured. The professionals with the CO Insurance Specialist can offer any support needed to build your next insurance plan for your car. If you call the CO Insurance Specialist, they can provide a personalized assessment that will also ensure you are aware of all needs and coverage options. 

Is your classic car insurance sufficient?

Wheat Ridge, CO area car enthusiasts are fortunate to have the CO Insurance Specialist team available to help them with all of their insurance needs. We are here to help you make sure that your classic car has the right policy protecting it.

Owning a classic car is a commitment

Anyone who owns a classic car understands that it’s not a hobby. It is a commitment. And, there is typically a lot of financial investment that goes along with owning this type of vehicle. Because of this, you want to make sure that your classic car policy provides the coverage that you need.

There are a number of different factors that can impact your decision when you are selecting your policy:

  • How often do you drive the vehicle?
  • How far is it driven?
  • Do you store your car at home or off-site?
  • Is it stored in a temperature-controlled area?

These are just a few of the questions that you should review with your insurance agent. Depending on your answer to the above queries, your insurance needs may be different than what you expect.

Owning a classic car is a serious joy, and with that joy comes a strong sense of responsibility. You want to make sure that your vehicle has the necessary coverage in place now and for the foreseeable future. Now is a perfect time to review your classic car policy.

We are here for you!

If you live in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area and own a classic car, it’s time to get to know the CO Insurance Specialist team. We are here to help you find the right policy and protection for your classic call. Give us a call today and set up your consultation. We look forward to working with you!

A Brief Guide to Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic car in Wheat Ridge, CO, you know there isn’t much that can compare to taking it out on a nice afternoon for a ride that turns heads. Whether you own a classic car or are considering purchasing one, it is important to understand that these vehicles require a different type of insurance policy than the standard automobile. CO Insurance Specialist shares a few things you should know about classic car insurance.

How Do You Become Eligible for Classic Car Insurance?

Most auto insurance companies have a specific list of requirements to be able to insure a classic car. Though there isn’t usually a minimum value requirement, it is stipulated that a vehicle is worth more currently than when it was originally made. Further, the vehicle usually needs to be at least 10 years old.

Insurance companies will also take into consideration the condition of the vehicle. It should be running (or close to it) and in good shape overall. The vehicle is required to be stored indoors and maintain low mileage. There will generally be a set number of miles that the vehicle can be driven each year.

What Is the Difference Between Standard and Classic Auto Insurance?

Both standard and classic auto insurance offer the main types of protection, such as collision, comprehensive, and liability. Classic car insurance simply takes things a step further based on the very unique needs of older vehicles.

For instance, it will take into account the higher costs of a collision, as classic models will typically cost more to repair due to the need for rare mechanical skills and lack of available parts.

Classic car insurance is designed specifically for the higher expenses and needs of a vintage or antique car.

If you have any questions about classic car insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO, contact the professional agents at CO Insurance Specialist.

Understanding the Difference Between Full Coverage and Liability Auto Insurance

As a driver, you want to carry auto insurance so you, your vehicle, and other motorists are protected. As you begin shopping for auto coverage, you will find there are multiple types of policies available. Each of these policies offers different protection. The two most common types of auto insurance are liability and full coverage. CO Insurance Specialist, Wheat Ridge, CO, shares some information on what differentiates the two.

Liability Auto Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance coverage will cover the cost for any vehicle damage or personal injuries that occur to other motorists when you are deemed at fault for an accident. Most states require that you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. This amount varies from one state to the next. 

It is important to understand that this liability coverage fails to cover any kind of personal expenses you may incur as a result of the accident. As a result, when you only have liability insurance for your vehicle, you are assuming a much higher amount of risk personally. With that being said, liability insurance is usually only opted for older vehicles that don’t have a high monetary value.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

When you are equipped with full coverage insurance for your vehicle, you have the aforementioned liability coverage as well as collision and comprehensive coverage. The collision insurance coverage protects you by paying for the vehicle repair costs after it sustains damage from an object or another motorist, regardless of who is found to be at fault. The comprehensive insurance coverage will pay for repairs that are not related to an auto collision, such as hitting a deer or vandalism. 

You have much greater coverage when you purchase this type of insurance. The potential out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an injury or accident are lower. Further, if you are leasing or financing your vehicle, this coverage is generally required by your lender or the dealership.

If you have more questions about liability and full coverage auto insurance, or if you need help putting together the right policy for you, contact CO Insurance Specialist, Wheat Ridge, CO, for professional guidance.

What’s the Difference Between Classic Car Insurance and Auto Insurance?

Whereas auto insurance is designed for vehicles used for daily use, classic car insurance is meant for collector vehicles that are driven infrequently. Aside from usage, classic car and regular auto insurance also differ in the way that a settlement is determined for a total loss claim. Unlike traditional auto insurance that factors in depreciation, classic car insurance agrees on a set price for the value of your collector car at the time of purchase so that you’ll know exactly what the payout is if there is a total loss. Otherwise known as Agreed Value Insurance, this feature of classic car insurance helps to protect the entirety of the investment made in the vehicle which is often quite substantial.

To qualify for classic car insurance, a vehicle must be at least twenty-five years old or be deemed a collector/exotic value that has substantially appreciated in value. Keep in mind that classic car insurance is only for vehicles that are not driven regularly and there will likely be a mileage restriction regarding usage. Given that a collector vehicle is driven infrequently leading to a lower accident frequency, classic car insurance is often less expensive than regular auto insurance. 

If you own a classic car and are in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, give CO Insurance Specialist a call to learn about your insurance options. We’ll determine if your vehicle is eligible for classic car insurance and work hand in hand with you to establish an appropriate value for your collector automobile. Give the friendly and professional team at CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO a call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. 

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