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Why do you need to have home insurance in Colorado?

Real estate ownership has been a great way to build wealth in the Wheat Ridge, CO area. If you are looking to purchase a property here to live in, you need to make sure your investment is covered and protected. A great way this can be done is with insurance. You will need to have a home insurance plan in this area for various reasons. 

Mitigate the Risk of Loss

Home insurance provides financial protection in the event of various types of losses, including damage to your home due to fire, theft, vandalism, or various natural disasters. Without the right coverage and insurance, you would be responsible for covering the full cost of repairs or rebuilding your home. A home insurance policy will give coverage to ensure you are able to make the necessary repairs and replacements to your property.

Meet Mortgage Requirements

If you have a mortgage on your home, your lender may require you to have home insurance at all times. This obligation is to protect their investment, as they have a financial stake in your property until the loan has been paid off. They will typically require you to maintain insurance coverage throughout the life of the loan and could require that you have your payments paid into an escrow to ensure there is no coverage lapse. 

Home insurance is absolutely essential for homeowners in Wheat Ridge, CO. Ensuring your home and possessions are adequately covered is vital. That’s why reaching out to our experts at CO Insurance Specialist is a wise choice. When you contact us at CO Insurance Specialist, you will receive support in helping you create a tailored home insurance plan. This plan will provide comprehensive protection for your home and valuable assets, ensuring you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Can I get classic car insurance even if I drive my classic car every day in Wheat Ridge, CO?

If you own a classic car in Wheat Ridge, CO, you deserve to enjoy it. Driving a classic car is fun anyway, but with a classic car, you also get to enjoy the admiring looks as you go down the street. However, there may be good reasons not to drive a classic car daily.

Pros Of Driving Your Classic Car Every Day

The more time you spend in your classic car, the more fun you have. If your classic car is a common make like Ford or Chevrolet, it may be easy to find parts and repair your vehicle. Being out and about in your classic car also gives you more opportunities to meet like-minded people, as you can meet them anywhere.

Cons Of Driving Your Classic Car Every Day

Depending on your insurance, you may be required not to drive your classic car daily if you have opted to purchase classic car coverage. Older cars may break down more and have inferior gas mileage.

If you love your classic car, you may want to reconsider putting it through the wear and tear of daily use. Your older car will also spend more time exposed to the elements and will have more chances of being in a crash. 

Driving a classic car daily in Wheat Ridge, CO may be riskier than you want. You may not qualify for classic car insurance, meaning you would have to get a more expensive policy because of the risks of the older car. However, it is your choice, and we at CO Insurance Specialists want to make sure you are happy with what you do. Call today for any questions or to compare insurance types.

When Will Home Insurance Cover Roof Repairs or Replacement?

Home insurance is a valuable safeguard against unexpected expenses, but coverage can be a bit complex when it comes to roof repairs or replacement. Understanding the circumstances under which home insurance covers roof issues is crucial. Here at CO Insurance Specialist, serving the greater Wheat Ridge, CO region, we want to help you understand when your home insurance might come to the rescue for roof repairs or replacement.

Damage from Covered Perils

Home insurance typically covers roof damage caused by specific perils, such as storms, hail, wind, or fire. If your roof sustains damage due to these events, your insurance will likely cover the cost of repairs or replacement minus your deductible.

Age and Maintenance 

Insurance providers consider the age and maintenance of your roof. It will likely be covered if your roof is relatively new and well-maintained. However, if your roof is old or neglected, insurers may argue that it results from wear and tear, which isn’t typically covered.

Additional Endorsements 

Sometimes, you may need additional endorsements or riders to your policy to cover specific roof-related risks, like damage from falling trees or ice dams. Consult your insurance agent to determine if these additional coverages are necessary for your location.

Understanding the circumstances under which your home insurance covers roof repairs or replacement is vital for responsible homeownership. Ensuring you are fully protected with the right home insurance policy is equally important as ensuring your roof is covered in the event of a covered event. If you need a new home insurance policy in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO region, reach out to CO Insurance Specialist for expert help and advice. Call today to get started.

Why basic insurance may be the wrong choice for you

Basic auto insurance is the insurance mandated by the state to comply when driving in that state. At CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO, we offer our customers personalized service and more choices. As independent insurance agents, we work for our customers, not for one insurance company. 

In Colorado, basic auto insurance is 25/50/15. This is liability coverage only, and it requires $25,000 for the first person injured in an accident, with a total of $50,000 for all injuries and $15,000 for damage to property. If you have a car loan or are leasing your vehicle, you will be required to have coverage on the vehicle itself since the lender or lessor has a vested interest in it. 

If your vehicle has very little value, or you would not want to repair it if damaged, then basic insurance can be right for you. But if you love your car, need your car, and have enough assets to make you an attractive candidate to get sued, then having more than basic auto insurance may be the right option. 

Increasing your liability is probably desirable for most people with assets. When repairing or replacing your vehicle, you need to carry collision and comprehensive coverage. 

  • Collision will repair or replace your vehicle if you have an accident you are responsible for or if you are the victim of a hit-and-run. 
  • Comprehensive covers theft and vandalism to your vehicle. It also covers damage from things falling on it, flooding, and other weather events. 

If you live in Wheat Ridge, CO, or nearby, you can count on our team at CO Insurance Specialist to provide a high level of service and the best possible price. 


Coverage provided by condo insurance

Owning a condo is an excellent option for those not enthused about yard work and exterior home maintenance. It is also a way to break into what can be a complex housing market. At CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO, we are here to help you insure your condo and provide any other insurance you may need. 

Property coverage

Condo property insurance is somewhat different from the property insurance on a freestanding home. With a condo, the condo association has a master policy that covers the exterior of the building, so things like porches, roofs, and common areas are not your responsibility. You are responsible for things within the condo, like the kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, flooring, etc. Read your covenant to understand precisely where your coverage needs to begin. 

Liability coverage

In the same way that the condo association covers the exterior of the building, they also have liability on the exterior, common areas, the parking lot, and the swimming pool or gym. You are liable for injuries within your unit or by family members away from your unit. 

Content coverage

The content insurance covers all of your personal possessions. This includes clothes, jewelry, electronics, cooking implements, furniture, and decor. You can cover it for the current value or the cost to replace it; the choice is yours. 

Loss of use

If your condo is damaged by a covered hazard and is damaged badly enough that you can’t live there, this insurance pays for temporary housing while repairs are underway. It helps relieve some of the stress. 

If you live in Wheat Ridge, CO, or the surrounding area, we look forward to serving all your condo insurance needs at CO Insurance Specialist. Give our office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote. 

FAQs about home insurance for seasonal properties

A seasonal property can provide an idyllic escape from your ordinary home. Whether you’re nestled in the mountains, beachside, or somewhere in the country, these properties create memories for years to come. At CO Insurance Specialist serving Wheat Ridge, CO, we get asked many questions regarding home insurance for seasonal properties. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Is A Separate Policy Needed For A Seasonal Home?

A separate policy is typically needed for a seasonal home because it is considered a secondary or vacation property. Since seasonal homes are not occupied year-round, they have different risks and coverage needs compared to primary residences. The structure and contents inside need to be protected just like your ordinary home.

Is It Required From Mortgage Lenders?

Are you considering a loan for a seasonal property? Mortgage lenders will also require insurance on the property just like they would for a primary residence. This protects their investment in case of any damage or loss to the property. Lenders typically require you to provide proof of insurance before approving the loan.

What Are The Benefits Of Seasonal Home Insurance?

Your second home may not be your primary residence but is still vital and valuable. To avoid a significant financial loss in case of any damages caused by unforeseen events, it’s essential to take necessary precautions. Nothing can give you more peace of mind than knowing you have protection for your property, even if you’re not in it.

CO Insurance Specialist can help residents in Wheat Ridge, CO with insurance if they own a seasonal property. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need to get an estimate or have any other questions.

Tips to Avoid Car Accidents and Stay Safe on the Road in Colorado

Use these tips from CO Insurance Specialists to stay safe and limit insurance claims that can drive up your premiums in Wheat Ridge, CO. Following traffic rules, maintaining your car, and avoiding distractions are just a few ways to avoid a collision.

Tips for Safe Driving in Colorado

Whether you’re a teen or veteran driver, your attitude matters when you’re behind the wheel. Focus on driving and limit time spent looking at texts, GPS, and other electronic distractions. Additionally, it’s essential always to wear your seat belt. It’s tempting to unbuckle when driving to the grocery store or on short commutes. However, the safest way to drive is always to keep your seat belt on.

If you’re a teen driver or the parent of one, remember that practice makes perfect. Besides learning laws that apply in Colorado, it’s essential to have practical experience. Many driving schools handle the stressful job of making teens safe drivers, saving parents from the stress of doing the job themselves.  

Rain, ice, and sleet can make the roads slick. However, you can practice these conditions by taking a defensive driving course and taking things slowly during storms and other weather events.

Leave your cell phone at home or tucked away. Only use it for emergencies. If you’re using GPS, consider turning on the audio to help keep your eyes on the road.

Make Sure Your Auto Insurance Covers Your Driving Habits

Want to provide your interests on the roadway? If you live and drive in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, choosing the right auto insurance policy to suit your lifestyle is important. Contact an agent at CO Insurance Specialist for a free review of your current policy and customized advice on auto insurance in Colorado.

Why do I need home insurance in Colorado?

Owning real estate in the Wheat Ridge, CO area has been a smart investment for a long time. When you buy a property here, you will have a stable place to live and an asset that has appreciated in value over the years. When getting a home, you also need insurance for it. A home insurance plan should be considered a necessity for many reasons. 

Financial Protection

An important reason to get a home insurance plan in this part of Colorado is for financial protection. A proper home insurance plan can protect you in various ways. It will give you coverage for your home if the damage is due to fire or other situations resulting in a loss. You will also receive liability coverage that will be helpful if there is an accident on your property that you are held responsible for. 

Comply with Requirements

A home insurance plan is also useful as it will help you comply with such requirements. If you buy a home, you will probably take out a mortgage, and you may also live in a larger home association. In either situation, you will be required to carry home insurance. With this coverage, you will remain in compliance with such requirements. 

No matter where you live in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, you need to ensure you have the right insurance for your property. When you start looking for a new policy in this area, it would be a good idea to call our professionals at the CO Insurance Specialist. We know how important home insurance is here, and our team at CO Insurance Specialist can ensure you choose the right policy that protects your home and meets your needs. 

What You Need to Know about Qualifying for Classic Car Insurance

Are you the proud owner of a vintage vehicle in Wheat Ridge, CO? Classic and collector car insurance policies are designed for cars considered rare, significant, and often only used for limited purposes. CO Insurance Specialist discusses the key criteria for determining whether a vehicle qualifies for classic car insurance.

Age and Condition

Age and condition are among the most important criteria for determining whether a car qualifies for classic car insurance. Generally, a classic car should be at least 25 years old and in good condition. There is no definition of "good condition," but it usually refers to a well-maintained vehicle, free from significant damage and with all its original parts.

Rarity and Historical Significance

Another essential factor to consider is the rarity and historical significance of the vehicle. Cars produced in limited numbers or with a unique history are often considered more valuable and thus may qualify for classic car insurance. For example, a Model T Ford from the early 1900s is considered rare and historically significant and therefore is more likely to be viewed as a classic than a 1985 Chevy Camaro.

Limited Usage

One of the defining features of a classic car policy is limited usage. These policies are designed for cars used only for limited purposes, such as car shows, exhibitions, or parades. Because these cars are typically driven less frequently, they often have lower premiums than standard policies.

To qualify for classic car insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO, your vehicle must meet specific criteria, including age, condition, rarity, historical significance, and limited usage. If you’re unsure whether your car qualifies, contact CO Insurance Specialist.

Required Auto Insurance in Colorado

In Colorado, it’s required by law to have auto insurance for all vehicles that you own. You need this insurance from the first day you own the vehicle and keep proof of insurance inside it. When you need auto insurance for a vehicle you’re buying or want to switch insurance companies, call us at CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO. 

Bodily Injury Liability

To stay legal in Colorado, you must have a lot of bodily injury liability coverage. There is one amount that is required to be in place for one person who is injured. Then, there is another amount that is required for all of the people who are injured in the accident. Both of these amounts are relatively low, so it’s often recommended to raise the amount you get higher than what is required.

Property Damage Liability

One amount for this coverage is required to be in your insurance policy. This coverage pays for someone else’s property damage after an accident. This may be to another vehicle, building, or pole, among other things. This amount is also relatively small in Colorado, and getting more than the minimum required by law is often recommended. 

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This coverage is required to be in your policy when you first build your policy. However, it can be refused through writing. It’s often a good idea to keep this insurance in case a motorist strikes you without enough insurance or none at all. This insurance comes with an amount for one person who is injured and another amount for everyone in the accident who is injured. You can get as much of this coverage as you have in your bodily injury liability. 

Get Auto Insurance 

Call us today at CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO if you need auto insurance.

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