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Types of Coverage for Classic Car Insurance in Colorado

When you are driving a classic car in Colorado, you need specialized auto insurance. Classic car insurance is a little different from standard car insurance and offers coverage as unique as your vehicle. 

At CO Insurance Specialist, we want Wheat Ridge, CO residents to enjoy their classic cars, without worrying about whether they are protected. We can help you get the specific types of coverage that your classic car needs.

Types of Classic Cars Covered

Classic car insurance is unlike any other auto insurance because your car is unlike any other car. We can only offer classic car insurance on specific vehicles. That includes an antique car that is at least 25 years old, exotic and luxury vehicles, classic trucks, hot rods, and modified vehicles.

This list is not complete, there are many other kinds of antique or vintage vehicles that we can help you cover.

How to Qualify for Classic Car Insurance

There are a number of types of classic car insurance that you need to qualify for. A key stipulation in any classic car insurance policy is the limited use stipulation. You can not use your classic car for everyday use. You may also have a mileage limitation, and proof that you have the proper protection or garage for your vehicle. You may also be required to have another car that you use for everyday use.

Like any auto insurance, you must have a clean driving record or at least one that is free of a serious offense.

Types of Classic Car Insurance

The kinds of provisions that you will find in classic car insurance will be property damage and liability coverage for bodily injury or wrongful death. You’ll also have provisions that involve the value of the vehicle.

As every classic car is a classic, the book value of your vehicle is not available. You’ll need to work on an agreed value with your insurance provider. The agreed value is another area where classic car insurance varies from regular auto insurance. Most cars will depreciate in time, yours is likely to increase in value.

You may also get classic car insurance with flatbed towing protection. In the event that your car needs to be towed, you will need a specific kind of tow truck to tow your vehicle.

Get a Quote

This is just the beginning of the various kinds of classic car insurance available to Wheat Ridge, CO residents. Call CO Insurance Specialist for a quote today.

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